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David R. Johnson. Licensed Acupuncturist. Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Your first visit will typically look like this:

Prior to coming you have become clear that there some issues and goals that you are seeking help from the acupuncture treatment. Perhaps a friend or business associate has mentioned to you that are receiving acupuncture. Or you are very curious about it. You might feel a little uncomfortable about going to this meeting but you end up having adequate time in a warm and safe atmosphere which makes the visit valuable for you.

We will meet and discuss in confidence why you are coming to acupuncture and what the treatments can do for you. Typically folks will bring a list of medicines and supplements they are taking. It is very important to have background information about your medical history. Sometimes people have a specific pain issue such as back pain, neck pain, low back pain, or sciatica, which I may not need detailed history to help resolve. Acupuncture can be helpful in reducing pain and sometimes even eliminating it.

This what an acupuncture visit looks like. You lie on a massage type table. I always will take your pulses (both wrists) and will look at your tongue. These things provide a picture of how your body is functioning overall. I swab any area that I am needling with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. An acupuncturist only uses sterile extremely thin needles (almost as thin as your hair) and those are inserted very shallowly into the skin on different spots on the body. These needles are used only once and are put in a sharps container to be disposed of as medical waste. Most people are very surprised at the fact that there is very little sensation occurring because of this process and how relaxed they feel. Then you get to rest and relax a little. Then the needles are taken out. You schedule the day and time of your next visit and leave with a form to fill in information about your lifestyle and medical history.

Acupuncture is whole person oriented medicine that in addition to physical issues also helps mental, emotional and issues that affect the (for lack of a better word) spirit (or soul or.....). it was China's only medicine for thousand of years so that treated whatever came in the door with the patient. It can help with a myriad of issues such as chronic insomnia, anxiety, depression. Some physical issues may have their beginnings with emotions which can also be addressed by acupuncture.

You can download and print the following documents to fill out prior to your first visit: