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David R. Johnson. Licensed Acupuncturist. Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Health Insurances Accepted

 Insurance Update:I am now credentialed for Oscar and for Aetna insurances!

Many insurances now cover acupuncture for the treatment of pain issues and I work with and am a provider for many, if not all health insurances such as Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Empire Blue Cross (New York State), [actually all Blue Cross Plans (like Anthem Blue Cross) regardless of state], Aetna (most recently credentialed), United Health Care, Broadstreet, PHCS, Multi-Plan, Cigna, Cigna International, Magna Care, Christian Brothers, Qualcare, The Guardian, Nippon, ASH and many more!

The question to research with insurance coverage is "Do they cover acupuncture and under what circumstances and for what medical diagnoses?" Many will say that they cover acupuncture, BUT, It's a good idea to check into it. Sometimes insurance cover a specific act called "acupuncture in lieu of anesthesia", which doesn't happen in reality because of all the risks and because acupuncturists would most likely want to be involved with that responsabilty. I usually also have to check because there is tricky language in how things are phrased that might seem to make it look like you don't have coverage when you actually do. And vice-versa: where it looks like you do have it, but it may be for certain conditions. Either way, call me so I can see for myself.